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Mike is a co-host on CVO Gun Talk, a twice-monthly talk podcast.

Epidsode #1: Introducing Mike McElmeel

Mike McMore episodes are archived here.

Corporate Training
Emergency Awareness and Response to Active Intruder

Would your place of business or public building be a target for an active intruder? Actually any place of business, or public building can be a target for an active shooter or person seeking to do harm in a myriad of ways.

Do you have a plan? Have you assessed your security risk? Our active intruder workshops are designed for all-employee instruction and seeks to provide training and suggest resources to all the stakeholders at the company or organization on issues related to active intruder awareness, indicent response, and workplace violence. In most cases the method or pattern taken by an intruder does not fit any preconceived notion but there are strategies for assessing the situation and taking action quickly.

All training is custom developed using modules appropriate for your business situation and taught by Mike McElmeel, the primary educator at Eighteen Zulu.



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