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Mike is a co-host on CVO Gun Talk, a twice-monthly talk podcast.

Epidsode #1: Introducing Mike McElmeel

Mike McMore episodes are archived here.

Immediate Casualty Care I

Emergency First Aid -- Learn how to treat trauma related wounds. This is information that can be applied in everyday life: car accidents, someone falling, gun shot wounds, cuts in the kitchen or any knife wound. If you want to be prepared for a worst case scenario, this is the class you need to be in.


Hemorrhagic shock occurs when the body begins to shut down due to large amounts of blood loss. People suffering injuries that involve heavy bleeding may go into hemorrhagic shock if the bleeding isn't stopped immediately.

Common causes of hemorrhagic shock include:

  • severe burns
  • deep cuts
  • gunshot wounds
  • trauma
  • amputations

Next Course in the Sequence: Immediate Casualty Care II

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