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Fundamentals of Concealed Carry

This eight hour course will introduce potential new holders of a CCW permit or current CCW permit holders to proven concealed carry techniques including proper holstering and firearm presentation

The course incorporates some of the core basics of the Combat Focus® Shooting program, as well as aspects of handgun ownership and other basic information geared towards the new concealed carry weapon permit holder.

Students will need to bring 250 rounds of ammunition and should bring their CCW handgun (if they own one) and three (3) magazines and their OWB holster.

Concealed Carry


Thank you for your interest. Questions e-mail for more information.



Fundamentals of Concealed Carry - Part 1 (Classroom Portion)

Fundamentals of Concealed Carry - Part 2 (Shooting Portion)

*This class is for those that have been through our Fundamentals of Concealed Carry - Part 1 (Classroom Portion) .

This course is designed to educate the student how to use a handgun efficiently in the context of a Dynamic Critical Incident. You will also receive instruction on stance, the proper grip of your pistol and pistol manipulation.

After completing this course, you will be provided with an I.C.E. completion certificate signed by your certified Defensive Firearms Coach, as well as Rob Pincus, owner of I.C.E. Training Company.

Class gear requirements are:

Your carry pistol (.380 Auto or larger)
*If you don't have a firearm, there will be some available for rent.

300 rounds of ammunition for your pistol

A holster and mag pouch

3 magazines (minimum)

Sturdy belt

Eye and ear protection

Cost: $50 + ammo

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