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Youth Firearms: Safety and Familiarization

Class Size: Maximum 12 students

Participants will learn about the various parts of handguns, shotguns and rifles. The classroom portion will consist of an in-depth discussion with topics to include:

  • Firearms inside your home
  • Firearms inside other peoples homes
  • Firearms on the range

Following will be pistol and rifle range safety rules and fundamentals of shooting. Each child will have the opportunity to shoot a pistol (15 years or older) and rifle. Included:

  • 90 min of classroom
  • One on one instruction
  • Handgun and Rifle Familiarization

Students may bring their own 22LR firearms. Parents can be on the range to observe during instruction, but must have eye and ear protection, 30 rounds of .22 LR ammunition.


Thank you for your interest. Questions e-mail for more information.

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