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Mike is a co-host on CVO Gun Talk, a twice-monthly talk podcast.

Epidsode #1: Introducing Mike McElmeel

Mike McMore episodes are archived here.


Comments from others --

Combat Focus Shooting
Short version:
Don't let the class title intimidate you, this class is applicable for all levels of shooters. In our class we had everyone from military veterans and law enforcement officers to novices. All of us were pushed to shoot faster and most importantly *think* under stress. I'll be taking this class again in the future and in the meantime incorporating lot of what I learned into my personal range time. You'll be a better gun owner after taking this class. Proceed with confidence. ~ Kurt Liske
Read Kurt's longer version here; both reviews were posted on Eighteen Zulu LLC's Facebook page.

Combat Focus Shooting
As a person that has never handled a handgun in my life I felt like this course provided me with a lot of very useful information and training that actually applies to real life situations and is not just about hitting a bullseye.  Also the instructors were very knowledgeable and easy to learn from and take instructions from.  They almost instantly figured out what my main problem was and helped me fix it.  They also put a large emphasis on safety and I did not feel unsafe at any time during the course.  I would highly recommend taking this course to anybody who would like to know more about self defense and handling a pistol." ~ Jacob Ross

Active Shooter Response Course
A great class today by EighteenZulu LLC. My wife and I walked away having gained practical skills and knowledge. It's definitely worth it. Thanks Mike and Cedar Valley Outfitters! Check out their class schedule. There are classes from CPR, women's self defense, all the way up to various shooting classes. Something for everyone. ~ Brent R.

Active Shooter Response Course
"Thanks, Mike McElmeel. Today's class, was another excellent training sessions and learning opportunity. Increasing knowledge and confidence in defensive and medical responses, presented in practical and real-life situational terms. I have taken several courses and have found each is complimentary to the others. I recommend watching for their training schedule, every class is seriously good. Consistency of message. Courage to act. Move with purpose. Uses the tools available. #cvotraining #eighteenzulu." ~ Steve L.

Combat Focus
"I thoroughly enjoyed this course. From other firearms training experiences I have had it starts off something like this; get to the class, introductions, 4ish hours of classroom talk, lunch, then maybe get to the range for a few hours. Honestly, that was excellent for my first couple classes, I transferred the fundamentals I learned in those training to this and thought they helped tremendously. But, I was thinking this would be along those same lines.. even brought a notebook for notes. Well, I was very surprised. We spent about 15 minutes total with introductions, medical and whatever else and then we were shooting. We started with some basics but, progressed very quickly. I thought the instructors did an excellent job. This is the first training I've really been in that I've been "pushed and critiqued" as much as I was. I enjoyed it, I do not think there's anyway I'll get better. Mike, ... excellent job, I plan on taking the two day." ~ Braxton M.

"Everyday Ready: Managing Hemorrhagic Shock and Associated Interventions

This class was hosted by Cedar Valley Outfitters and taught by Mike McElmeel of Eighteen Zulu LLC. I took this class originally because I wanted my wife to take it and thought she wouldn't go unless I did as well. She has no medical background while I am an EMT so I have a basic understanding of trauma management.  Even with my training as an EMT, I learned a lot of useful techniques for stopping major bleeding....
As an EMT I benefitted greatly from this class, and my wife who has no medical training said she learned a lot as well.... I highly recommend this class from Mike because the content is relevant not only to gunshot wounds, but injuries that could happen in everyday life. Any time you have a major cut, puncture, laceration, or any type of major bleeding the skills learned from Mike could save your life! ~ Andrew E.


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